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Roleplay in the world of Zero no Tsukaima. or better known as (maybe) The Familiar of Zero
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Narora Uchimaki

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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Feb 03, 2010 10:29 pm

1. NO godmoding
2. no huge spam.
3. Respect others please. no one like's an ass.
4. dont bring any rated M stuff on the site. if your character's are going to go that far, take it to the PMs or just Time Skip. Kissing and so on is fine.
5. DONT ask for staff. you will BE asked.
6. If your baned, dont make another account. we will know.
7. I will add more Rules once i think of more. so when its updated, i'll try to PM everyone.

and the most important, have fun ^^ this is a place to hang out and play, not someplace to brude and be an ass.
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