Zero no Tsukaima Roleplay

Roleplay in the world of Zero no Tsukaima. or better known as (maybe) The Familiar of Zero
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 Zachary Fletcher

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Zachary Fletcher

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PostSubject: Zachary Fletcher   Thu Jan 08, 2015 9:44 pm

Name:Zachary Fletcher


[u][b]Year:depends on which time frame you guys are on I guess either second year before the summoning ritual or first year 'ugly cloaks'

[u][b]Familiar:none yet

Familiar name:

Familar: Despcription:

Familiar Control: As said none yet however putting this out here i prefer it if i wasn't the one controlling it or them

bio: He was very young when he left with his sister to go traveling on these adventures he discovered he was adept at wind magic even though he couldn't even get a single success in any other range of magic. Later on his sister died and instead of going back home decided to find a place to learn more about his magic in this search he found the Academy 'can't rember what the school was called'

[u][b]personality: He is very understanding and kind but has a hard time saying no to anyone especially if he either knows them or is a girl so he can very easily be taken advantage of

[u][b]despcription: He has silver hair down to his neck always erratically placed like he just woke up" because he just did", silvery eyes, and nothing else notable

[u][b]Friends:[none as of yet]

[u][b]Family:[Dead sisters and a mother and father with whom he lost contact to a while back

[u][b]Enemies:[also none of yet]

[u][b]Crushes:[none as of yet]

[u][b]Weaknesses:[His wind magic is more based on speed than power being basically useless against things that need big strength to fight as well as of the fact that she can only use one magic]

[u][b]Strengths:[his speed in attacking is almost never rivaled by anyone and is able to do most of everything to survive in any conditions]

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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Fletcher   Fri Jan 09, 2015 1:17 pm

the close tags go at the end of the text, not the end of the paragraph, for example:
[u][b]Family:[Dead sisters and a mother and father with whom he lost contact to a while back[/u][b][b][b][b][/b]
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Zachary Fletcher
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