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Roleplay in the world of Zero no Tsukaima. or better known as (maybe) The Familiar of Zero
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 Love & Lust

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Narora Uchimaki

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PostSubject: Love & Lust   Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:58 pm

Name: Love

Abilitys: Remembrance: The mark on Narora's neck glows bright white and makes his hair turn back, and his clothing full silver. his power is at a masterful level here, he has almsot conplete mastery of his element, Light.


Name: Lust

Abilitys: Final Memories: Narora's mark grows brighter with a Pink and Red glow. it keeps his hair and clothing the same, but his Level of power over both Light and Darkness is at a Legend level. This is his strongest form so far.

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Love & Lust
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